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The Ultimate Convenience-Advantages of Pet House Calls

multi-pet households are well served by pet house calls!

The day has come for your annual visit to the veterinary clinic across town for your multi-pet household.  You wake up to two inches of fresh snow on the ground.    Your four year old daughter is in her bedroom complaining of a sore throat.  Your cat is nowhere to be found and your dogs are soaking wet, your spouse having put them outside two hours before.  You dread having to put your cat in his carrier and you have no idea where the carrier even is.  You remember the last time you took Molly, your Golden Retriever to the vet she tore the car leather seat with her long toenails and left hair on the carpet which despite cleaning is still embedded in the fabric one year later.  Frustrated, you take out your smart phone and google Pet House Calls. Continue…