Our mobile pet care practice is driven by three things: the doctor, the truck, and the belief that excellent pet care can be delivered affordably and conveniently.

The Doctor

Doctor Carryng Dog

My name is Richard Gastellum and I am the owner and veterinarian for At Home Pet Doctor. I enjoy being a veterinarian because I love helping pets and their people.

After graduating from Colorado State University’s veterinary school in 1986, I worked in clinics and urgent care centers for several years, where clients had to rearrange their schedules to make appointments, and dogs and cats were stressed by coming into the clinic. And with so many pets to see in one day, I didn’t have much time with each patient.

There had to be a better way…

I found the better way when I started my mobile veterinary practice, Mobile Veterinary Services of New Mexico, in 1990. In 2000, I expanded the services I could provide by investing in a state-of-the-art, fully equipped mobile clinic made by La Boit Industries.

Pet house calls are more convenient, more personal, and less stressful for people and pets. They are also very effective because the pets aren’t stressed by long car rides and I can see them in their home environment, which often helps with making a diagnosis.

I’m enjoying being a veterinarian more than ever, and am happy to go the distance for pets, including yours!

The Clinic

Mobile Vet Truck Side View

Our current mobile clinic is a top-of-the-line specialty vehicle developed and manufactured by La Boit Industries of Columbus, Ohio in 2014. Because it’s 4-wheel drive, the clinic is optimally designed to handle the potential harsh road conditions of Colorado.

It is 26 feet in length, has its own bathroom, and is equipped with a gas generator, allowing complete electrical power in the most remote of locations. It has extra insulation for temperature regulation, and comes with a powerful furnace to handle the cold Colorado climate. Additionally it has an extra-high ceiling, a spacious interior, a non-slip floor, LED lighting, two hydraulic lift tables, a walk-on scale, a top-of-the-line dental machine, an isoflurane gas anesthetic machine, an X-ray machine, laboratory equipment, a central vacuum, and a separate surgical suite complete with its own oxygen generator.

All of it combines to create nothing less than the safest and most complete and sanitary mobile pet clinic available.

We also have a 4-wheel drive Subaru—the unofficial "State Car of Colorado"—to help us negotiate roads that simply will not accommodate a full-size RV. This works well for situations not requiring a full-service clinic, such as vaccinations, simple wellness checks, medication deliveries, and in-home euthanasia.