At Home Pet Doctor provides rural and busy pet owners the same high-quality, comprehensive veterinary services you’d expect from a traditional pet clinic. From examination and diagnostics to treatment and end-of-life care, our mobile veterinary clinic offers a properly sanitized and temperature controlled environment required for optimal pet care.

Benefits of Mobile Veterinary Care

Van in Snowy Driveway
  • Convenience—We work around your schedule and come to your home.
  • Less stress—Your pet is more comfortable when treated at home. No more rides in hot cars. No fear-induced aggression upon seeing other dogs/cats in waiting rooms.
  • Less hassle—No need to get your cat in a carrier or worry about your dog getting car sick. No more long commutes or traffic delays.
  • Personalized care—You and your pet have our undivided attention, and in cases of euthanasia, there is more privacy and dignity.
  • Focused care—If your pet needs sedation, anesthesia, or surgery, we provide constant observation in our clinic until he or she is stabilized, safe, and comfortable.
  • No waiting—No long waiting times in a busy clinic.
  • Safety—Lower risk of exposure to diseases that can linger in a hospital waiting room or kennel. Weak or sick pets can stay at home rather than travel.

At Home Pet Doctor is the ideal service for busy pet owners, senior pet owners, people with transportation issues, and owners of multiple pets. Contact us to learn more about our services today.

Exams & Wellness

Dog Sitting On Couch

Sometimes, pet owners think of mobile veterinarians as emergency or end-of-life service providers. Because we operate out of a fully equipped pet clinic—that happens to be on wheels—we provide far more pet care than that.

All optimal pet care starts with regular, annual physical exams. For senior pets, we recommend two exams per year. And for puppies and kittens, we can get them started on personalized immunization programs that include all the required and recommended vaccinations and booster schedules.

During an exam, we will check vitals and body weight, as well as doing a thorough head-to-paw physical examination, including detection of any lumps, bumps, and external parasite infestations (fleas, ticks, mites). If we spot concerns that need further attention, we have the full array of diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of the issue.


X-ray of Dog's Chest

Perhaps the biggest difference between a basic house call vet and a mobile veterinary clinic is the amount of diagnostic testing we can do. Our digital X-ray machine and our on-board chemistry analyzer make it possible for us to conduct advanced testing of dental, orthopedic, and internal medicine conditions. In addition, our clinic has heartworm testing capability and electrocardiogram tests for diagnosing heart conditions.

If your pet is showing signs of illness or pain, contact us to arrange a visit. We’ll get your pet diagnosed and on his or her way to optimal health.


Cat In Washer

We are proud to be a true mobile pet care clinic with the ability to provide thorough treatment in a fully equipped, properly ventilated, sanitary environment.

On-site treatment includes:

  • Wound repair—From draining abscesses to repairing lacerations, we have the equipment and pain meds to help your pet heal.
  • Spaying and neutering—We can offer a clean and safe operating environment to ensure quick recovery.
  • Soft-tissue surgery—Biopsy or excision of masses and tumors, basic gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, urogenital surgery, and repair of ear hematomas are offered.
  • Dentistry—We provide dental services, from basic cleanings to extractions.
  • Internal Medicine—Whether your pet has a cough, vomiting, diarrhea, a poor appetite, or is just not himself or herself, we can provide the necessary diagnostics to help get to the bottom of it and initiate treatment.
  • Lameness evaluation—From arthritis to injury assessment, we can evaluate the reason for the lameness and determine a long-term treatment plan.
  • Referrals—Some situations require the services of a specialist or full-service hospital. We can make the appropriate referrals for you.


Vet's First ChoieOur mobile clinic stocks prescription medication for your convenience. With 10 days notice, we can deliver medications and foods to your home. Advanced notice helps us keep our inventory fresh, not overstocked. A $7.50 delivery fee will be charged on home deliveries with less than 5 days notice.

We also partner with an online veterinary pharmacy to get you access to the right meds at the right price. You can learn more about Vet’s First Choice here. We endorse Vet’s First Choice because it has established itself as an online pharmacy that:

  • Dispenses only top-quality veterinary medications.
  • Works exclusively with licensed veterinarians and supports the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.
  • Stocks almost every pet medication from common heartworm treatments to chemotherapy drugs.
  • Offers compounding services that turn medications into more palatable, easy-to-administer forms, including flavored chewables and transdermal patches.

Dental Care

Dog Having Dental Exam

When your pet has healthy teeth and gums, your pet has a better quality of life. That’s because good dental care can prevent and mitigate tooth pain and periodontal disease.

Did you know that most dental disease occurs below the gum line? That means it’s not always detected during routine examinations. Our dental digital X-rays will help locate cavity and tooth root issues, which are the main source of chronic oral pain.

By 3 years of age, most pets have some sign of periodontal disease. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our mobile clinic is a sanitary environment where we can safely place your pet under anesthesia and perform the cleaning or extraction procedure.

Contact us for your pet’s dental care needs. We’ll make taking care of your pet’s oral health convenient.

End Of Life Care

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If you have to make the very personal and difficult decision to have your pet euthanized, we can help by providing compassionate, in-home euthanasia. Instead of an unfamiliar clinical environment, your dog or cat will be in a peaceful setting surrounded by loved ones, which is a great comfort to both you and your pet.

We also handle aftercare, managing cremation, and returning the cremains if you wish.